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MerryTea is the original formulation and development from Eastern traditional studies of “Yin” & “Yang”. It is produced from raw, pure and high quality plants and entails a secret traditional recipe that preserves the active elements which are rich in nutrients, antioxidant and minerals that are highly beneficial and effective for our health.


This is the biological principle of elevation and it is a normal phenomenon in all living things, especially in plants. Once the plant loses water it begins to collapse. In severe cases, it causes dehydration and the plant begins wilting. This carries the same understanding of what will happen to the human skin.


The initial elements to attaining beauty spans from two aspects: The first being hydration, and the second- blood enrichment. When it comes to health and tonics, they are inseparable from nourishment of the Yin as a busy life without a balanced diet causes an easy loss of moisture, water content, vital energy and blood. Through the same beliefs, MerryTea focuses on enriching and cultivating water and blood within the body. This balance is crucial in achieving longevity.



Prunus Persica, Matthiola Incana, Cymbopogon Citratus, Camellia Sinensis, Aspalathus Linearis.


MerryTea adjusts the internal organs and nourishes the “Yin” within the body. It is highly nutritious for water content from digested food to be absorbed into the body. The key lies in locking the amount of water in the body to be kept for refreshing and strengthening various organs.