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The Finest Energizing Premium Enzyme Beverage Supplement through Advanced Technology and Flagship Formulation

Lifesence is formulated through ancient pharmaceutical methods and modern technology. It involves the application theory of yin and yang, and a combination of plant extracts from both the eastern and western worlds. After 270 days of cold fermentation, several fermentation theories and technologies, the groundbreaking herbal essence beverage was born.


Lifesence embodies thousands of Nano essence that contains nutritional and functional ingredients to help many restore the full functions of vital organs and achieve healthy living everyday.


Lifesence is your finest panacea. It helps regulate the amount of blood flow in the body, enhance strength and aids the maintenance of digestive functions. Using unique fermentation Biotechnology for refining, ripening, standing, extraction and purification processes, it can fully retain precious Nano nutrients from herbaceous herbs and plants- like wild Cordycep Sinensis, and ingredients- like natural brown rice, wild fruits, vegetables, probiotics and other valuable health foods.


Brown rice, Apium graveolens, Burdock root, Cabbage, Chinese yam, Roselle, Plums, Dates, Job’s tears, Basil,, Black beans, , Pineapple, Pomelo, Star fruit, Kumquat, Cordyceps, Ganoderma, Red yeast rice and etc.


* Efficiently regulates blood flow

* Promotes metabolism and cell regeneration

* Retains youth, brightens and whitens skin

* Enhances gastrointestinal absorption of food nutrients to improve the efficiency of digestion

* Increases responsiveness

* Balances hormone levels

* Purifies blood and dredge vascular disorder

* Eliminate decomposition, toxins, alcohol and excess fat

* Increases Bactericidal and anti-bacterial to improve immunity

* Controls cholesterol, regulates blood sugar and blood pressure