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Enzyme Therapy Sanctuary

Importance of Enzymes in Sustaining Life

Enzymes are protein molecules that function by triggering chemical reactions in cells throughout your body. Each of these molecules has its own characterised shape and affects only certain types of components. Without the effects from enzymes, your body would be unable to transform its internal chemicals fast enough to sustain life.

ETS Weight Management Program

Weight, Lean Body Mass, Body Fat Mass, Intracellular Water,
Extracellular Water, Current Total Body Water, Dry Lean Mass, Body Mass Index (BMI),
Percentage Body Fat.


Legenze and Mealtrify are the flagship products in the ETS package that is an essential as the ultimate weight and health management program. It effectuates the body to desired weight and health conditions for the long-run. Results are hugely significant within the shortest period of time.


During the program, Legenze stimulates the blood circulation and significantly fosters the fat metabolic system. Mealtrify serves as a meal replacement to provide all suitable nutrients required to replace daily meals and also assists in regulating the body for detoxification. It contains Beta Glucan- the most powerful immune stimulant known to the world, and can disseminate fat cells and reduce fat absorption.

Coupled together with a fully customized individual program, these two products are working tremendously well as solutions for every individual. The ETS package in MerryLife is suitable for people who are busy, exercise little or are seeking the perfect health dietary program.