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Beyond Youth & Eternity

The eternity formula and fundamental of Beyonze is based on Yin and Yang and the Five Elements; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water which corresponds with our liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidney.


As the Eastern says, “The spleen and stomach are the source of Qi and blood biochemical”. The utmost priority in eternity is giving our body the ability to recuperate, preserve and nourish these organs. These organs converts food and water into vital energy and blood in the human body then distributes to the five internal organs which nourishes all four limbs, skin and hair, muscle and bones, tissues and promotes the body’s metabolism.


Beyonze formula is the combination of both Legenze and MerryTea. Besides proven dramatic amazing health benefits for people around the world, Beyonze sets the highest efficiency of Super Health Supplements in optimizing health condition Beyond Youth and Eternity.

* Clearer and Better Vision

* Strengthening internal organs functionality

* Balancing the “Yin” and “Yang” within the body

* Increase Strength, Vitality, Energy and Mental Health

* Relieve stress and depression

* Relieve stress and depression

* Improve cell metabolism and promote production of healthy cells

* Improve quality of sleep and alertness

* Strengthening  Spleen and Lungs functionality and enhance the immunity against respiratory viruses

* Release “toxins”, “heat”, “chills” from the body and eliminates bad breath

* Strengthen liver metabolism

* Improve bowel functions and immune system

* Promotes body acid/alkaline level balance

* Best Anti-Oxidation effect

* Accelerates skin metabolism and reduce facial spots

* Reduces pore-size and protects skin from external damage

* Promote cells production and repair damaged skin

* Purifies and hydrates the epidermis and dermis layers and effectively enrich whitening process

* Enhance skin brightening and moisturizing

* Effective Oil control

* Increase skin elasticity and uplift skin to attain a ‘V-shape’

* Increases fat metabolism on the face